I just came across a blog today about a guy whose expectations crashed with Checkstyle. He was hoping that Checkstyle would support the upcoming version 1.5 (5.0?) of Java. Nice that we have some expectations that can be crashed. :-)

Well the fact is that we have been considering what is required to make Checkstyle support the next version of Java. There will be a significant effort required to support all those new language features. This will force a major new version of Checkstyle.

So, what is the hold up? Well, initially we held off waiting for the language specification to settle down, which it now has. The major holdup now is getting an ANTLR grammar specification for Java 1.5. Writing one is cetainly not an "itch" of mine.

Today searching the ANTLR website and mailing list has revealed nothing, other than other people also looking. I know my friends at Cenqua have got one but have not made it available yet. Does anybody out there know of one that is available in the public domain?