Well the Checkstyle team has finally released version 4.0. It was a very long beta cycle, in part due to the complexity of Java 5, but also due to the committers being busy with life.

So far the release has been broadcast in a few places. The plan is to verify that there are no show stopper issues before announcing the release more widely. People tend to be shy of beta releases and often when a new release comes out, all of a sudden bugs are identified.

I very much doubt this loser (having a Hani moment:-) will be trying out the latest release. This has to rate as one of the stupidest reasons I have ever heard for not using a tool like Checkstyle. John even talked about it some more in his blog. Do not blame Checkstyle if people write stupid code to bypass it. After all is just an aid to help write good code, not a guarantee.