I am happy to say that Checkstyle 4.4 has been released. Certainly a long time between releases! See here for details.

I have been on my current (work) project for well over three years. Whilst I have learnt a lot of things, Java 5 has not been one of them. I have done a few pet projects in it, but nothing serious. Hence I have convinced the Checkstyle team to branch Checkstyle and work on a version 5.x.

This version is based on Java 5 source, will require Java 5 JRE, and is geared towards supporting Java 5 better. The current state is available from the Subversion repository. A new GenericWhitespace check has been written to properly the Generic type tokens '<' and '>'. This will be a huge relief for anybody who has tried to apply Checkstyle to a Java 5 source code base.