I must be getting old, but I am finding that I am getting further behind my geek friends. No longer do I feel compelled to have the latest phone, music gadget or computer system. For example I use the drunk test when evaluating a new phone. This basically comes down to answering "can I afford to lose it in the pub?".

The other day I came across a blog (thanks BMC) which went against the trend of crapping on about how great Apple products are. The guy was actually thinking of switching back to Windows. It made me think of why I do not consider moving to the Mac. I came up with the following reasons why I prefer the Windows platform:

  • Good bang for buck on hardware/performance.
  • Everything is available for it.
  • The server software I need runs just fine. IMAP, HTTP, Subversion.
  • Got Cygwin to allow me to use all the UNIX stuff I want. Command line, X Windows, server stuff (like SSHD).
  • Java works just fine.
  • I have to use Windows at work.